2D work

2D Animation Task:

Bouncing Ball

For my first piece of animation i was happy about how this turned out. Though the ball falls too slowly at first and too quickly by the end. I didn't realise until later than the project required a water balloon, not a ball. I asked my teacher if it was an issue, but it was fine either way. 

Hula hooping Flour Sack

Flour Sack Jump
This is one of the tasks that i felt less confident with and decided to do this task again. 

Human hand turning over

Cartoon Hand

I believe i had the hand turn a little too quickly for this animation and i used a lazy sketch of a hand for the inbetween frames. The cartoon hand animation was a little rushed but i used the adequate amount of drawings for the animation.

Flour Sack Weight Lift

Head Turn

                                                              Bird flapping

Show reel